A happy holidays wish from the past

My great-grandmother Helen Pustek emigrated from Slovakia in (I think) 1902. (My granddad, her oldest son, was born in 1904, as I recall.) I remember her in her eighties as a tiny birdlike woman. I don’t think she ever learned to speak English. My cousin Charlotte found a Christmas card from her in some old papers and sent this jpeg. The card is (I assume) in Slovak. Imagine that– it’s not like there were millions of Slovaks here! I can’t read the language, but I think it’s Slovak. The ornate but thin font is like I remember from my grandparents’ Slovak bible.

I notice that someone else has written “Mother” before her signature. (The card was sent to her son, Uncle Rube as we called him — John.) I bet she could write her name because it would be the same in Slovak, but probably wouldn’t know how to write the English word Mother.

great grandma3


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