About Alicia Rasley

First and foremost, I am a writer.  But, I also love to teach and write about the craft of fiction writing. I taught for eight years at two Indiana colleges and now teach classes on the Web and live workshops around the country.  While teaching at these two colleges, the experience taught me that I prefer leading workshops for fiction writers.

I have a Master’s Degree in English from Butler University (Thesis was The Family Vault: Women Buried Alive in Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Stories), where I studied stories from the inside out.  You’ll find my writing articles all over the Web. (Yeah, I know, I should be more careful about their distribution, but heck, it’s a compliment, right?) I have a lot of articles collected here.

As I said, I’m a writer, and you’d be surprised (and bored) at some of what I’ve written and edited– real estate newsletters, software manuals (pays well!), corporate histories, textbooks.  But mostly I’m a fiction writer. I especially like to set books in the elegant, decadent Regency period in Britain (1811-1822).

My Regency romances were published by Dell, Signet, and Kensington, and (I do hate to brag, but it’s part of the biz) have been nominated for the Romance Writers of America Rita Award (twice, won once), the Romantic Times Best Regency Novel Award (twice), the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence (won that one too), and the Regency Plume Award of Excellence.

I’ve also written a couple of “mainstream women’s fiction” novels, which I think means a book with a strong female protagonist and not too much gore. And of course, I’ve written many books and booklets on the craft of writing fiction.  All my books are available here.

Also, I have been married since just after high school (kids– don’t try this at home) to college sweetheart Jeff, now a retired attorney who also writes (his books are here) when he’s not doing philanthropic work in Nepal. We have two grown sons, one a military officer and the other a technical supervisor for TV production. They both write too– this is obviously an inherited disorder. 😉

As a reader, I like popular fiction especially, but in contradictory types:

  1. Great big sprawling epic books, such as those written by Dorothy Dunnett, Patrick O’Brian, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Laura Kinsale.
  2. “Sonnets”– precise and concise stories with emotional undercurrents, especially romance and mystery, like those of Joan Wolf, Courtney Milan, Agatha Christie, and Ellis Peters.

So welcome to my website, and join me in discussing popular fiction, especially stories set in Britain and in the time of the Regency!

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